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Digital transformation through Intelligent automation

IDC CIO Summit 2019

ADT together with AA participated as a platinum partner in IDC CIO Summit 2019, which was hold on June 12-14 in Nur Sultan, Kazakhstan

Visitors explored the strategic choices that will shape the future at the confluence of technology and business at IDC’s CIO Summit. Forward-looking CIOs, executives, industry leaders, and IDC experts revealув strategies, tactics, and technologies that make the difference.

IDC summits also are exciting. High-impact speakers were provoking visitors to envision the future. CIOs, business executives, and tech suppliers debated how to extract the most from technology and about strategies for digital innovation, customer experience, automated business models, and digital platforms.

CEO of ADT, Ravi Sachdeva, made a presentation on Digital Workforce and The Future of Work.

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Practice-Oriented Conference
"Robotic Process Automation 2019"

First RPA conference in Russia

Our speakers

Цифровой экономике — цифровые сотрудники

Шрирам Нараянан, Automation Anywhere

Как подготовить работников цифровой экономики?

Семен Сергунин, Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere Enterprise – цифровая платформа роботизации

Рави Сачдева, Advanced Digital Technologies

About conference

Tech executives increasingly view robotic process automation (RPA) as a way to optimize business operations, cut costs, and avoid routine tasks while offering employees more time for creative work.

With RPA requiring proper architecting, planning, and management, the true robotic process automation potential is rarely explained, let alone subjects like how to actually automate certain routine tasks using RPA, how to integrate a robot into existing IT infrastructure step-by-step, or what happens when pitfalls of RPA are ignored.

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